Come Fly with Me

Offbeat and Various Aviation Blurbs


Always have loved avaition and in my younger days I actually wanted to make it a career..  I love going to airshows and actually went to Fairford, England one time for an airshow. …  I have friends, husband and wife, who are both flying for Air Canada.  Prior to 9/11 I had many opportunites to fly in the cockpit of flights I was on.  The greatest thrill was actually having the oppourtunity to fly real life simulators..  Nowadays even when a plane flys over, the first thing my friends say to me is, ‘what type of plane is that’..   It will always be in my blood.

Taking this course at McMaster on Social Media, and this being one of or assignments, has given me the oppourtunity to relive and share some of this with other folks..



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