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Where are they now…

 The Spruce Goose

While driving to the Oregon Coast, came across this Air Museum, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum …  We go into have a look and this is what we see…  020We were surprised that they had gotten a Seaplane that never got 30 feet off the ground at a museum that is about 40 miles from the sea.  It actually made the hairs on my neck tingle, here was such a beautiful remnant of a bygone era.  And they even allowed people to go and sit in the cockpit, of course you had to wear the Howard Hughes hat..   057055

This thing only made one ‘flight’, but when I look out across the wing you could see why this thing barely broke the bonds of earth, engine technology just was not there in the day..



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2 thoughts on “Where are they now…

  1. That is pretty neat you could sit in the cockpit… and wear the hat!

  2. Looks like so much fun!

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