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How Stories can change over time…

B-17-All-American-FlightI have included a reference to an article below..  B-17 “All American”  In a similar situation as the author of this article, I too received an email from a colleague this morning with the italicized portion and the parchment handwritten letter..  I at first thought this was an incredible story, and the core part is true, it was just that some of the supporting facts were quite a bit stretched.  The part about the planes flying back to England from North Africa was a stretch..  So I Googled  the aircraft name and found this article.  This now made sense.  The plane only had to fly back 300 miles to its home base in North Africa after it got struck.  Even in pristine shape this plane could never go this distance, this sounds more like a more recent story whereby the Americans bombed Libya and used England for a base for there bombers back in 1986..  Libya gets Bombed ..

The basic Story is very heroic, these crews and airplanes took a real pounding during the Second World War..  Stories are lost and sometimes rewritten, but we owe a lot to these brave crews…  Lest We Forget..

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One thought on “How Stories can change over time…

  1. Imagine all the heroic stories that have been left untold. What very brave people.

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