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Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour..

032As per usual, cannot go anywhere and have things go smoothly..  While on a visit the Boeing aircraft plant in Everett, WA, which is just north of Seattle.  Just taking in a bit of fresh air after the tour, and as we are on the observation deck where the PA is tied to usually mundane tower chatter, I hear the word ‘MAYDAY’ repeated three times..  Translated it means aircraft declaring emergency.. Then I hear ‘ME 262 inbound with landing gear issue, no positive lock’..  Which means he is not sure if his gear is down and locked, no green light on dashboard…  After doing a couple of passes by the control tower to check to see if his gear was down, he landed safely..

The Messerschmitt Me 262 is the first jet powered aircraft to fly.  It’s development started before World War 2 by the German’s..  Luckily for our side it did not see action until the war was almost over…  I had never seen one fly until that day here at Paine Field, which is where the Boeing plant is located..  A lot of civilian traffic moves through here, on a previous occasion a friend of ours took us up in his little Cessna 172.  We passed a Boeing 747-400, similar to the one in the background off to the right side of the picture, boy did that make us feel small, if he would of turned on his engines it would have blown us to Seattle..

The Museum and Plant tour is well worth the trip..   Unfortunately you cannot take pictures while on the tour, seriously you can get arrested for doing so, Homeland Security stuff..  It is hard to describe how large a building it is (background just off to the left), They have four different aircraft being assembled on four separate lines, the 747, 767, 777 and the new 787.   They usually have 3-4 fully or close to being fully assembled of each type within that building, plus quite a few others at various stages..  Nowadays they refer to these new types of factories as assembly buildings..  Major components are built all over the world, then are shipped here to be slapped together..  BTW the planes on the right side are waiting for the paint shop, which is on this side of the Freeway(526)… this is where this is.. Were am I??


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2 thoughts on “Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour..

  1. That place must be massive. Sounds like an amazing place to check out.

  2. A once in a lifetime opportunity to see an ME262 flying….even with a Mx problem…wow

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