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Air Safety and a little twist thrown in..

Sometimes in order to drive something home, some serious information can be conveyed through some alternate means.  This video is from Air New Zealand, they have taken the normal boring but very important safety video and thrown in a little twist..  They have a different sense of humour down there..

Unfortunately a lot of people take these safety videos for granted.. what I usually get questioned about is the storing of electronic devices and the fact that it interferes with the airplane.  Have to explain that the headphones can become a serious tripping hazard and the iPod could become implanted in someone should there be an emergency..  they really have nothing to do with aircraft radios and more to do with the fact that the less clutter in an emergency the better, don’t want things flying around in cabin..  Also tell them the story about the person out west who got hit by a helicopter that was crashing, they had their headphones on and did not hear the screeching as it plummeted to earth.  Mind you a have an issue with people walking around in public with these devices on to begin with, let alone cycling through traffic..  But I will let the folks that deal with the Darwin Awards preside over that topic..


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One thought on “Air Safety and a little twist thrown in..

  1. This is such a brilliant idea, loved the movie. Very clever.

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