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How to land an Airliner properly..

I found this really interesting video.  It shows the maiden voyage of an Airbus 380 into San Francisco(SFO) by Lufthansa.  As apposed to some of my own videos, these are professionally done by .  If you can, watch this at 1080P you will see a lot of the detail better..

This flight LH454 is now a daily from Frankfurt(FRA) to San Francisco(SFO).  I am posting this other worthwhile page that allows you to track any flight, so next time before you head to the airport you will know exactly where you plane is, in this case I have LH454 being tracked.. Where is my plane..

Just a little FYI, at the end of the video the Captain is discussing activities they are doing the next day while in San Francisco.  At the end he mentions they are going to the Cliff House in San Francisco for dinner, if you are ever in town that is an excellent place to eat and the scenery is spectacular!!

Before I leave this post, the title of this post refers to a proper landing at SFO.. As you watch the video you will notice they are landing 28R, a few months ago an Asiana Airlines Flight showed how not to land.  You can actually see the seawall the plane hit on 28L..

Just realized I may be using terms folks are not familiar with.  As an example, 28R..  These are runway designations, this tells me the runway is pointing to 280 degrees as per a compass heading, as we approach from the south and the ‘R’ refers to the right runway.  If we were landing from the north heading south this same runway is labelled 10L(100 Degrees) at the other end. SFO Runway Map  At larger airports the letter is added because they may have multiple runways pointed in the same direction, you may see the ‘R’, ‘L’ or even ‘C’ which stands for centre runway.  Needless to say smaller airports like Hamilton(YHM) International will not have letters after the numbers because they have only single runways in any one direction.   BTW, the three letters you see after the the names are just short forms, you have probably noticed them on your luggage tags the airlines use..  YYZ is Toronto International..

Now you know..


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One thought on “How to land an Airliner properly..

  1. This is very interesting . I enjoyed the video and the info your provide.

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